~ Chapter 8~

Words With Friends used to be my favorite on-line game to play. Like a simplistic game of scrabble it satisfied my love of creative thinking and words. It was a convenient app on my phone and I could play with other people when I had slivers of time or when it was most convenient for me.  It wasn’t uncommon for me to have many games going at once with several people. 

Actually, I wasn’t too bad at it. In fact, I seemed to win many more games than I lost. Perhaps it was the competition I chose… or perhaps just good luck! Regardless, it was a game I very much enjoyed. 

Words with friends was a game I played in the evenings. I often played it when hubby got home from work, possibly to distract me from the negativity and the residual anxiety that his presence provoked. It calmed me, centered me. 

Words with friends really helped me to relax and yet my husband actually resented me for it.  He frequently accused me of “being addicted” or “being checked out”. I didn’t agree at all and resented him for criticizing me for spending time enjoying something for myself. 

Sometimes in casual conversations I might mention that this was a game I liked to play. I wish I could remember how it  was brought during that treatment session with Brad, but it was. I’m sure I talked a bit of smack in fun… and the challenge was set! Later that day he initiated a game… and the rest was WWF history. 

He was easily my favorite competitor. Not just because of his friendly game message banter, although that was super fun, but because he was GOOD! I mean “beat me most of the time” good. And I loved it. 

We came very close many games, but he seemed to almost always pull ahead with a genius word choice and placement that left my score in the dust! Ha! 

There was one game that will always stay with me. The game was neck to neck and I twisted my brain to keep up. Well, I kept up alright! I kept up son well, we tied! 

I was thrilled to say the least! Ha! Honestly, part of me hoped that he was just as tickled about it as I was. Okay maybe not “tickled” but at the very least amused. Somehow I am sure that he was. 😉