~Chapter 5~

One of the best part of my jobs is the people I meet and the conversations that we share. I truly enjoy talking to almost everyone that crosses my path, even those that in another setting I might actively avoid. 

Sometimes I am lucky enough to meet a someone who is so interesting and engaging that time flies away and at the end of the hour I wonder who benefited most from the interaction in that hour. Brad was one of those special few. 

It’s hard to say if it was his intelligence, his insights and opinions, his open-mindedness, or his gentle spirit that I grew so fond of. Perhaps it was the just that he seemed to the perfect combination of all of the above with the playful banter that tied them all up in a bow. 

No conversation with him was ever boring and I frequently thought of things when not with him that I wanted to ask him about, just to hear his thoughts. I found I looked forward to his sessions. He was a quality guy and someone I could lose time with if allowed, but of course it wasn’t. 

Professional and marital boundaries kept me from sharing too much or getting too close. I was intentionally careful with our conversations resisting the urge to tell him everything